Sunday, June 28, 2009

Glee Club memories

I found these lyrics why rammaging through my mahiwagang baul. I'd like to share it with everyone especially my co-Glee Club members under Mrs. Pia (Wonderful Thing to be Me) in Grade School, and Mrs. Espinosa (Love is the Answer) in High School. Nice idea to reminisce this on our 25th, right? *wink*wink*hint*hint*

Words by Marcy Henchen and Don Besig. Music by Don Besig. 1974

When I wake up in the morning and I see a new day dawning ...
And I see the sky above me, and I know somebody loves me ...
Then I want to stand and shout it, tell the whole wide world about it ...
It's a wonderful thing to be me ...

I can hear the birds a singin', and I feel like singin' with 'em ...
And a breeze is softly blowing, in my heart I feel love growing ...
For this day is just beginning, all at once I can't help thinking ...
What a wonderful thing to be me ... and to be free ...

Free to walk along the river, free to tumble the grass ...
Free to chase away the gray clouds, from the sky ...
Free to take your hand and wander, through the meadows and the fields ...
Free to capture all the world, and call it mine ... I'm feelin' fine ...

Oh, the day has ended sweetly, now the evening comes to greet me ...
In my mind I see tomorrow, no, it won't be filled with sorrow ...
For I see a new day coming, through the meadows I'll be running ...
What a wonderful thing to be me ... and to be free.

by: Raymond Hannisian

Morning comes and I must go; day is breaking yonder.
After all the places I have been, now I’m going home.
I have been to seek the sky, to travel on the highway
And the time has come, I don’t know whyI am going home.

REF1: Where is the answer to so many questions
I don’t know, so I begin another journey
Where is the meaning for my world
I see the answer now.

Though we came by diff’rent roads, now we walk together.
Stay beside me all our days, strangers never more.
Through the cool of summer rains, by the hearthside fire
Here I’ll be with you when nothing remainsI am home to stay.

REF2: For love is the answer to so many questions
Now I know, and I can stop my endless wand’ring
Love gives the meaning to my worldI see the answer now.
Love gives meaning to my worldAnd I see the answer now
Love is the Answer… Love!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's time?

Remifemin. A reliable, clinically-studied black cohosh extract can provide natural relief from hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings.† It allows you to have a strong alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for the treatment of menopausal symptoms.†

... and I am taking it. Had another fit of discomfort at the office, was sent home (again..) For almost three years that I've been trying to find relief and been gone through all possible tests.. potassium levels, thyroid tests, ct scans, etc., etc., etc. Finally went directly to my personal OBGyne. Well, lo and behold! (Probably) got the answer I needed. Not surprisingly though, as mama also mentioned that she had a first cousin who 'stopped' at age 38. Symptoms I've got, --hot flushes, headaches, restlessness, etc., --but my doctor says it really isn't official yet because of the fact that I am still menstruating (occassionally missing a month or two)....

*sigh* .. in fairness... I'm feeling better.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Almost ready!

Was at St. Scho last March 14, 2008 for it's report card releasing and Honor's Assembly. While accompanying my daughter to the Sister Irmburg Covered Court (behind the Pre-School building then during our time.. also where we had our bivouac in 4th year), we passed by an enclosure where the swimming pool is under construction. I couldn't help but cross the enclosed barrier (even with puzzled looks from the other parents) to take a picture!

Looks like all is well, a little finishing touches with the surroundings; and Andee is excited to have swimming as part of the 4th grade curriculum!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Disneyland Queens

Michelle, June and Karen share this photo opp with their little prince and princesses in Disneyland.


Friday, August 17, 2007

SSAM Swimming Pool

Ella Paladio-Gaspar is currently the PTA-Treasurer and also the head of the Ways and Means Committee. One of the PTA's major projects spearheaded by the Ways and Means Committee for this school year is a raffle draw.

Our batch took the task of donating a laptop intended as 1st prize for the SSAM-PTA grand raffle draw on December 8, 2007 to raise funds to partially finance the construction of the propsed swimming pool. The grand prize is a brand new 1.3 Toyota Avanza. Major prizes include the laptop computer (which we will purchase), scooter, iPod, digital camera, cell phones and gift certificates worth p1000 each.

The construction of the pool is estimated to cost P3.2M, exclusive of the filter, shower/locker rooms, etc. Hukay at lagay pa lang ng tiles yun. Ella hoped whatever help our batch can extend to the construction of the pool will be an inspiration for other batches to help, too. As early as September, our batch will be placed as a sponsor in streamers set by the school.

The raffle draw will benefit a lot of people - students, faculty and even the community. Aside from helping finance the construction of the swimming pool, proceeds from the raffle will also be used to assist in the Faculty Development Program (we provide partial financial assistance to the tuition fees of SSAM teachers taking up Masteral Programs); in the Grant-in-Aid (for students who are unable to pay their tuition fees, we also partially help them pay their balances so they can continue studying in SSAM). Proceeds will also be used to increase the bereavement/calamity assistance for students and faculty. And for the community, the PTA will donate to Gawad Kalinga (they build homes for the homeless).

The laptop will cost around p60,000. There are cheaper ones available but since the laptop is intended to be the 1st prize, kaya ganun and price ng bibilhin natin. Specs will be 512 MB, 80 GB HD, wi-fi, 14"WXGA, processor is centrino cor duo 2, CD/DVD writer.

You can bring your contributions to the clinic Ella and Dr Joy share. This is across Concepcion Church, atop Dunkin Donut (i-Cure clinic). She's there every tues-thurs-sat 2 to 4 pm. Or you can contact her at 09178124792, 9410675 (home), 9981416/9988020 (clinics) for queries.

Ella would like to thank Dr. Joy Alcazar-Rivera and Czarina Abasolo for responding early to her appeal. Also to Blen, June, Monet, Nad for coordinating the solicitation and pledges in the US, as well as Gemma, JJ Sales and Rechel Grantusa for your pledges.

**more updates to come

Saturday, August 11, 2007

A little humor here... thanks, Apen!

We've been friends for a long time ago. We come from the same alma mother. Actually, our paths crossed one time on another. But it's only now that Igave him a second look. I realized that beauty is in the eyes. The pulpbits of my heart went fast,really fast. Cute pala siya. And then, he came over with me. He said, "I hope you don't mine. Can I get your number?" Nag-worry ako. What if he doesn't give it back? He explained naman na it's so we could keep intact daw. Sabi ko, "Connect me if i'm wrong but are you asking me ouch?" "The!?!!??". .. ang sarcastic nang sagot nya. Aba! The verb! Parang siya pa ang galit! Persona ingrata!!! Ang kapal niya! I cried buckles of tears. Na-guilty yata siya. Sabi niya, isipin mo na lang na this is a blessing in the sky. Irregardless daw of his feelings, we should go ouch na rin.

Now,we're so in love. Mute and epidemic na ang past. Thanks God we swallowed our fried. Kasi, I'm 33 na and I'm running our time.After 2 weeks, he plopped the question. "Will you marriage me?" I'm in a state of shocked. Kasi mantakin mo, when it rains, it's four! This is true good to be true. So siyempre, I said yes. Love is a many splendor. Pero nung inaayos ko na ang aming kasal, everything swell to pieces.Nag-di-dinner kami noon nang biglang sa harap ng aming table, may babaeng humirit ng, "Well, well, well. Look do we have here." What the fuss! The nerd ng babaeng yon! She said they were still on. So I told her, whatever is that, cut me some slacks! I didn't want this to get our hand kaya I had to sip it in the bud. She accused me of steeling her boyfriend. As is!!! I don't want to portrait the role of the other woman. Gosh, tell me to the marines! I told her, "please, mine you own business!" Who would believe her anyway?Dahil it's not my problem anymore but her problem anymore, tumigil na rin siya ng panggugulo. Everything is coming up daisies. I'm so happy. Even myboyfriend said like twice.

He's so supportive. Sabi niya, "Look at is thisway. She's our of our lives." Kaya advise ko sa inyo - take the risk. You can never can tell. Just burn the bridge when you get there. Life is shorts. If you make a mistake, we'll just pray for the internal and external repose of your soul. I secondemotion.

Sa Kambas ng Lipunan - Inside Society's Canvas

Really moving, and it's worth posting here. Thank you, Therie, for sharing this.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tuyo, Tinapa and Galunggong

My sister-in-law, Carol, sent me an email with this article attached written by Bo Sanchez:

Let me tell you a story. Three construction workers were on top of their half-finished skyscraper. Rrrrring!! The lunch bell sounded, and the three men sat on a steel beam jutting out of the 56th floor with their lunch boxes in hand. The first guy opens his and groans in exasperation, "Tuyo! There is not a day that I don't get tuyo for lunch!" He turns to his buddies and announces, "Mark my words, if I still get tuyo tomorrow, I'm going to throw myself from this building!" The second guy opens his lunch box and moans, "Tinapa... Everyday, I get tinapa!" He looks at his friends and declares, "Believe me when I say this: If I get tinapa tomorrow, I'm going to jump and kill l myself!" The third guy opens his lunch box and it was his turn to despair. "Galunggong! All I get is galunggong! I'm telling you, if I still get galunggong tomorrow, I'm going to jump from this building and die!"

The next day, the lunch bell rings and all three men are again seated on the 56th floor. The first guy opens his lunch box and starts crying, "Tuyoooooo!" And so he jumps and crashes on the ground. The second guy opens his lunch box and wails loudly, "Tinapaaaa!" And he also hurls himself off the building and dies. The third guy opens his lunch box and screams, "Galunggonggggg!" And so, he too jumps off the building and splatters on the ground.

Days later, during the funeral of the three men, their three wives embrace and weep together. The first wife cries out, "I didn't know my husband didn't like tuyo anymore! Why didn't he tell me? If only he told me, I would have prepared something else." The second wife echoes her statement, "Yes... If only I knew, I would have cooked something else, not tinapa!" The third wife, between sobs, speaks up, "I don't know why my husband killed himself..." The two wives look at her curiously. "Why?" She went on, "Because my husband prepares his own lunch everyday..."

I love this crazy story because it presents a very important truth: all of us prepare our own lunch. If we don't like our jobs, if we don't like the state of our relationships, if we don't like what's happening to our spiritual lives - we have no one to blame but ourselves. Because God has given us free will. He has given us the power to prepare our own lunch. If you want to earn more and be free from debt, if you're sick and tired of your bad habits, if we want to put more joy in our marriages, if we want to grow in our relationship with God - then go back to your kitchen and prepare yourself another dish. Because you design your own future. You create your own destiny. Ask yourself what kind of future do you want to have? What kind of life? What kind of eternity? You decide. - Bo Sanchez

I have decided. And I'm working on it.

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